True2o provides water in reusable bottles at the same places you pick up your other favorite beverages on the go. Simply grab a bottle of True2o from the cooler, drink it down, reuse it, and when it’s convenient: return it. Simple.
It's water's turn.
What is True2o?
True2o bottles are specially designed for reusability. With our custom processing facilities, and embedded technology, True2o ensures reducing waste is easy and low-cost (not to mention fun).
Get your bottle of True2o two ways. Simply:

  • Pay and Go. Grab a bottle of True2o, pay at the register, and you’re on your way. (We assume consumption needs no explanation.) Or...
  • Scan and Go. Sign up for a prepaid account and speed along. Grab a bottle from the cooler, scan the QR code using the True2o app, and go, baby, go. Your True2o account is automatically updated along with your sustainable hydration success. 

Either way you pay, get $0.50 cash back each time you return a bottle.​
Share your success.
I want True2o!
Now that you’re enjoying True2o water to go without the waste, you can keep track of your success and share with your friends. True2o’s app allows you to log your impact and hydration while earning credits for every bottle you drink. 
You can find True2o water at all the places you love to go. Look for us at your local coffee shop, deli, gym, movie theater, and even at your office. And because retailers want to keep you coming back, let us know where else you want to find True2o. 

And, don’t forget to use the True2o app to log your refills and get the most out of your water. Special rewards are accumulated by doing what you do best: staying hydrated and taking it easy.
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Why True2o?
We started True2o on a mission to reduce the waste caused by disposable plastic bottles. We quickly realized the real challenge was not just to offer a reusable alternative, but to create a system that matches the cost and convenience of disposal bottles while still eliminating the environmental impact.

At True2o we believe that doing better is, well, just plain better! Our job is to make better easy. By eliminating waste and reducing the carbon footprint of disposable water bottles by as much as 70%, True2o water is an easy way to do better.
How it works:
Track your success and earn rewards! Use the True2o Facebook App